About OverDocs


OverDocs aims to be practical source of knowledge, both for beginners and advanced developers. These first can learn best programming practices, while more experienced users can utilize OverDocs as a handy reference complementary to manuals or books.

We didn't want to create another blog with tutorials. That's why while writing content we are assuming that you have a basic knowledge of the topic. Such approach brings profits for everyone. You don't have to read a wall of text, just a summary of the most important informations, code snippets and reference for further reading.

There are tons of resources promoting obsolete or just wrong solutions. We would love to focus on modern techniques and that's why we encourage everyone to join our efforts and share a piece of their experience.


We would love to have your contributions to the content. Therefore OverDocs is fully open source. If you found any place you can improve, just click on the Edit on GitHub button on the right top. It will automatically create fork of our repository and allow you to modify source file for given sheet. However, GitHub account is obviously required.

You can also manually fork repository and send us a Pull Request. We will review all proposals, promise!

Nothing is perfect. The most preferable place for reporting bugs is issues section in our GitHub repository.


The idea of OverDocs was born in minds of two Polish developers having different reasons, but sharing the same goal - delivering knowledge.


Nobody has become an expert after a few weeks of education. There is a multitude of outdated resources, recommending antipatterns and bad practices. I started OverDocs because I wanted a collection of helpful resources written in a concise form.


Taking initial steps in web technologies, I was looking for people who could support me. I decided to register on several discussion forums and started asking, but while gaining experience, I slowly became the one helping others.

Years passed and soon I realized that questions are very repetitive. I needed some reference, where I could point questioners to. And there it is—set of the notes, ideas, code snippets and other interesting resources found in the Internet—also used by me in my everyday work.


Want to contribute but don't have enough time for Pull Request? Have a question? Or maybe just want to say "hello"? Feel free to email us at either @ (Sobak) or @ (winek).